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Kodiak Interior: Rugged and Refined

Tuesday, September 30, 2008…KODIAK #4 is the first to wear our new upscale Timberline interior package. Those of you who visited the Quest Aircraft booth at Oshkosh last summer had a chance to see #4 and experience the Timberline package first hand. We really appreciated your enthusiastic feedback and have been looking for a way to share this interior with those of you who didn't make it out to Wisconsin.

So, earlier this month, we were delighted when everyone's schedules finally came together and we caught up with KODIAK #4 down at the Evergreen Skyranch near Seattle, WA. This incredible location lies in the shadow of Mount Rainier and we couldn't resist showing up a little early to shoot a few sunrise photos…

…then we dove into the interior shoot.

The Timberline interior showcases both the aircraft's high volume and configuration versatility with fabric sidewalls and removable carpeting on the floor. To top it off the package comes with our all new Timberline seats offering both distinctive KODIAK styling and improved lumbar support.

You can feel the difference as you sink into the luxurious leather. The precision of the stitching is a good example of the attention to detail that you find throughout the cabin.

From subtle touches like the perforated leather…

…all the way through to the fit and finish of lighting and vents…

…all these details come together to provide a very well-appointed interior.

But don't let the sharp interior design fool you. This is still a KODIAK that stays true to Quest's mission of rugged capability. The Timberline cabin simply enables owners to enjoy our robust off-tarmac aircraft in the executive transport arena...even when heading out to remote locations.

All of this makes perfect sense for #4,whose Seattle based owner operates the aircraft for both private and business purposes. He plans to have the aircraft on floats in the summer and on wheels for the winter and wanted an interior that could stand up to dog hair and wet boots without sacrificing rugged good looks. The Timberline interior really highlights KODIAK's versatility as a personal life tool. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

Brian, thank you for sharing your KODIAK with us…it sure is beautiful. George, thank you for coordinating and making sure this interior shoot was a success. Jim and Gail thank you for hosting...we certainly didn't expect such wonderful catering.