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Kodiak on Amphibs: Your ALL Access Pass to Float Planes


Tuesday, June 22, 2010…It's Time to Get Wet!
Go ahead, take your KODIAK, stuff it to 7,255 pounds gross weight, and drag it into the river. It'll be fine, we promise, just make sure you've added KODIAK’s latest accessory first. (Our deepest thanks to Wipaire, Inc. for providing these absolutely gorgeous photos to prove the point.)


That's right! Wipaire has officially acquired an STC for their 7000 model KODIAK float planes!


In English, that means you now have the option of putting amphibious floats on your brand new KODIAK plane (or retrofitting the KODIAK you already own) and saying goodbye to the limitations of land-only takeoffs and landings. With some 70-percent of the earth covered with water, floats open up a whole new world and grant access to remote areas impossible to reach on wheels alone. This is a colossal turning point for Quest. It's a day we’ve been dreaming of ever since our aircraft was just ink on napkins. From the initial clean sheet, KODIAK was designed to go on floats and is structurally engineered to leave the factory floor “float ready”. In a way, this means that KODIAK is finally in its native element.


And, these floats are a first for Wipaire. The 7000 model floats are the first to use the very latest digital technologies from their inception and are the first to meet the FAA's latest, more robust, certification criteria. Consider this STC a synergy of vision and engineering. As Wipaire explains it, “The KODIAK, a single engine turbine designed for remote area operations, coupled with Wipaire’s sleek, rugged floats will be an unbeatable match for serious flyers desiring the comforts of home in the wildest locations. The hulls are modeled after the successful Wipline model 13000 floats which have improved rough water handling qualities and also include the traditional Wipline flat top deck for easy loading and safety. The floats are designed to resist abrasion from rocky shorelines and careful attention was paid to the float construction should an off-site repair become necessary. Other structural enhancements for the comfort and safety of its users were also implemented on the 7000 float.”
According to Rich Adler, Wipaire’s Manager of Engineering and Certification, "These features along with several other enhancements make the Wipline 7000 the most advanced float we have ever produced."


But don’t just take our word for it. Give your 7,255 pounds of floating KODIAK 1520 feet of open water, put it in blow-dry mode, and see for yourself. As you climb out at more than 1100 feet per minute, with full cargo, we suspect you will have all the proof you need.


As of June 2010, the KODIAK is sitting on FAA certified floats. Consider this your ALL access pass to a world full of adventure. It’s the time to go out and make a wake of your own.

For the last 50 years, Wipaire Inc. has developed a full line of aircraft floats for all sizes of aircraft, from the Piper Cub to the de Havilland Twin Otter, as well as over 100 Supplemental Type Certificates for a variety of useful aircraft modifications. The Wipline 7000 Float has been in full production since December 2009 when it received TSOA and initial deliveries to customers are already underway. Head over to Wipaire, Inc.  and see what they can do for you.

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