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Kodiak Production: The Media Comes to Quest

Tuesday, February 24, 2009...Video cameras on the production floor? That's not something we see everyday. After all this is a manufacturing facility not a Hollywood back lot. But it does give us pause for some reflection.
Our transformation from an idea to an aircraft production facility has brought about radical change for the crew here at Quest, for our neck of the woods here in Sandpoint, and for an increasing number of people around the world. We've found that keeping a watchful eye on day to day progress and working carefully and methodically has a few ironic limitations. It actually makes some things a lot harder to see. Thank goodness for the media…and their cameras.
For us, tending to business has been a little like watching the kids grow up. You were there when they were born, you've been with them every day, and then one day you get a photo from college and it hits you. Suddenly you blink and realize all the joy and hard work that's passed and there they are…all grown up.
Our journey has been like that. Aside from the memories, it's the images that tell the story. And now, thanks to a video tour by our local radio station and a marvelous piece by FLYING MAGAZINE...we've gotten a chance to see this facility from a whole new perspective.
Please join us for a couple glimpses behind the curtain. We hope you enjoy the view as much as we have.