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Merry Christmas

Friday, December 17, 2010...They say the best gifts keep giving. So imagine a landscape that looks like a perfect winter postcard, and then imagine the view down our production line of KODIAKs. For those of us here in Sandpoint, these images are separated only by the walls of the factory. For us it all blends together. The snow keeps falling and sheet metal keeps turning into airplanes.

Some folks are looking forward to the end of 2010 and a new beginning. Here in Sandpoint it’s no different, but for us, even with all its ups and downs, we look back on the past year with a tempered smile and a great sense of accomplishment. After all, our new Ice Protection System was certified and installed on 3 aircraft this year. We got to see KODIAK on certified Wipline floats for the very first time, and 9 Amphibious KODIAKs went to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. We earned the attention of the U.S. Military. Working together, MAF, JAARS, and Samaritan’s Purse took 2 KODIAKs to Haiti and served some of the world's neediest people in their darkest hours. KODIAKs have since laid tracks that together circle the globe. As we follow up on deliveries it’s exciting to hear how our KODIAKs are being put to the test in some of the harshest environments from the equator to up near the Arctic Circle. Not too bad for a startup aircraft company in the middle of a recession.

Now, with Christmas approaching, we would like to take a moment to pause and express our gratitude to the literally thousands of individuals who have pulled together as one to keep us moving forward and make this great adventure a reality. THANK YOU. Your investment of time, or labor, or money has made possible what we offer in return. Together we give so that others receive. It's not just a sentiment for a season when our thoughts also turn to so many in this world who are isolated by geography, natural disasters, or politics. We will continue to push and meet our goals while looking forward to another year of persistent improvement.

Looking ahead, the world will continue to add its challenges, the calendar will add another year, and we'll keep adding KODIAKs.

As our flock grows, so does the wealth of experience it represents. There’s more to see, more to learn, and more to share. With a new year on the horizon we want to offer a sneak peek of our new website. It’s being redesigned to help us bring these stories to you. In 2011 our KODIAKs will come with new capabilities…and so will our site. Learn about them both, here, and spread the word. Please consider this our formal invitation to join us as the adventure continues.

From all of us here at Quest, we wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas with the blessings of peace, joy, hope and health in the coming year.

With deepest gratitude,

The Team at Quest

(Quest Aircraft Company is completely owned by a Charitable Trust and all commercial net-profits are given to humanitarian organizations who bring joy, hope, and health to the most remote corners of the earth.)