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Quest Delivers: Spokane Turbine Center Takes S/N 002

Thursday, January 31, 2008…One step isn't quite walking, but two is the start of a journey. Our first delivery made quite an impact on us...all of us...from the production line to the head office. But as we handed over the keys to the second owner, Spokane Turbine Center (STC), something else became clear. This is just the beginning.

STC will use the KODIAK to train mission pilots. “Turbine aircraft are changing the way mission organizations are flying,” said Jeff Turcotte, Executive Director of Spokane Turbine Center. “The KODIAK is ushering in a new era for missionary, humanitarian, and bush flying. Combining rugged reliability with a modern STOL design, top-of the-line avionics and PT6A reliability, the KODIAK is the ultimate aircraft for the next generation of mission and bush pilots.”
For these pilots being trained the KODIAK is a trailhead and today, at Quest, it feels like we are leaving base camp. We've been outfitted for this journey with experience won through research and design, FAA certifications,and the physical lessons of production. The process of growing from design to delivery has forced us to focus on the little things. But experience has taught us that's how you get the big things right -- as with the KODIAK; so, too, for Quest.
Now the pack is loaded up. We've cinched our boots, zipped up the Gore-Tex®, and double checked the trekking poles. We know where we're headed. Every aircraft delivered will be called on to answer unique challenges in adventures throughout the world. It's those challenges that the KODIAK is built to face. The KODIAK is ready to deliver…and so are we.