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Quest News: KODIAK Our Very Favorite Supermodel

Monday, February 28, 2011…The KODIAK: an international heavy hauler; executive transport; backcountry bush plane; river-landing, FIKI-busting, turbine-turning, Jet-A burning, short-takeoff-and-landing, 750 shp...cover girl? And, oh, what a cover it is!

The March issue of AOPA PILOT will reach more than 355,000 readers with an ember KODIAK flying off the front cover. It takes some maturity to own that kind of attention and while we see each KODIAK off the line as our baby, there's no denying that today's KODIAK is growing up and leaving home. Every KODIAK flying currently has 46 siblings in action, spread literally across the globe. And, of course, maturity takes more than experience, it also takes grace. With optional TKS for FIKI-ready operation, floats for pulling more than 3,000 pounds of useful load off the water, and an external cargo compartment to help keep the load from the luxury, a KODIAK's grace can be a powerful thing.

So, even though we hear KODIAK stories all day long, sometimes it takes a cover to make us realize that our girl is all grown up. And, it turns out, she's a supermodel.

Of course we don’t expect you to fall for the eye-candy. We know true love is cultivated by content of character. This aircraft is far more than a pretty face. Just scan the cover for the sub-title, "Rough, Rugged, and Ready to Serve", and it’s clear that the author, Dave Hirschman, knows how to get to the heart of the matter. Dig into the article and we're sure you'll lose your heart to KODIAK…all over again.

Our deep gratitude to the team at AOPA Pilot. We’ve always enjoyed the magazine…but this has to be our favorite issue ever. Thanks to Dave Hirschman for giving KODIAK a good tough run and capturing it all in hard hitting copy. Nothing makes our day like finding someone who enjoys flying KODIAK as much as we do. Thanks as well to Chris Rose for some amazing photos. You really made our girl shine.