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Quest Triplog: A Perfect Day For An Airshow

Friday, July 31, 2009…After a couple days of overcast and rain, today's weather was a delightful and welcome change. Sunny, dry, and cool…a perfect day for an airshow.

Today we got reacquainted with a number of our customers and depositors. We also made many new friends and had numerous FLY4LIFErs drop by throughout the day. FLY4LIFE has been an amazing success this year and these folks share a contagious enthusiasm. They’ve really welcomed us in and made us all feel like part of a global family and a much larger purpose! To all those who stopped by today…it was great to see you and get a chance to talk.

In the afternoon, after several amazing fly-bys, the Airbus A380 made its final departure from Oshkosh. As you can imagine this left quite a hole. The A380 ruled AeroShell Square all week long…but neither EAA AirVenture nor the United States Air Force aim to disappoint. When the USAF C-5M Super Galaxy and C-17 Globe Master landed and rolled into static display they left the crowd with eyes wide and mouths open.


Still the highlight of my day was the privilege of presenting a painting by artist Sharon Rajnus to EAA president, Tom Poberezny.

For Quest, this painting of Nate Saint’s legendary Piper PA-14 in formation with our KODIAK is an honor in itself and it was presented with our deep appreciation to EAA in recognition of their decision to honor mission and humanitarian aviators through the FLY4LIFE program at AirVenture.

Every year Oshkosh leaves us with distinct memories that we carry home from the show. This year I expect those memories will center on FLY4LIFE and Sharon Rajnus's "Moments in Mission Aviation" paintings. These experiences have really re-emphasized Quest's roots and our commitment to the Mission Field.

Yet again, another great day at Oshkosh! We’re looking forward to tomorrow's adventures! The show’s not over yet.

Stay tuned,
Lynn Thomas
Sales Director
Quest Aircraft