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Quest Triplog: A Rainy Day in Oshkosh Means More Time in Camp

Wednesday, July 29, 2009…What a difference a day makes. While yesterday we enjoyed mild temperatures and a wonderful cool breeze…today the weather has turned rather cold and rainy. A rainy day at Oshkosh certainly changes the dynamics around here. Yesterday the grounds were absolutely covered with people out to experience everything AirVenture has to offer. Today the crowds are a little sparser and the number of visits a little lighter.

Coming from the Pacific Northwest we felt right at home. You can’t let sparse crowds spoil a good rain! So we hunkered down in the Camp Quest tent and took the opportunity to spend a little more quality time with the guests who did brave the precipitation. It turned out to be a really enjoyable day for us.

Several customers who are eagerly awaiting their own KODIAKs dropped by to let us know they had seen the all the KODIAKs on display this year and share just how good these airplanes looked. This provided a great opportunity to share good news from the factory floor…as of last week production has ramped up another notch. This is great news for customers. Every time our production schedule ratchets up…these folks get closer to seeing their own KODIAKs here in Oshkosh.

As the day wound down and the Quest crew gathered to swap stories we were struck again by something we’ve always known…nothing encourages great discussions like sitting in a tent and listening to the rain. If only we had a fire pit and some s’mores! We really enjoyed talking with folks about a whole host of KODIAK applications ranging from serial imaging to island hopping to freight hauling and skydiving. So, to all those who spent time with us today…thanks for stopping by! We enjoyed your visit.

At the end of our day we all headed over to the EAA Museum where Quest was pleased to participate in the unveiling of a series of pictures depicting great moments in mission aviation. Paul Schaller (Quest Aircraft President and CEO) had the honor of introducing the series painter Sharon Rajnus. If you haven’t gotten over to the Museum it’s a great place to spend some time and the trip would be worth it just for this new art.

All in all today was a great day. Maybe tomorrow the rain will clear and we’ll get to see even more of you.

Until then,
Lynn Thomas
Sales Director
Quest Aircraft