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Quest Triplog: It’s Time To Say Goodbye

Sunday, August 2, 2009…We awoke this morning to the sounds of a long line of airplanes making their departure from Oshkosh. Driving over to the AirVenture grounds we noticed the true aviation diehards…those camped out under the wings of their planes and parked in massive RV lots…were just starting to pack up for their trek home.

Unlike yesterday where the Oshkosh grounds were covered with families strolling around…

…today's atmosphere is much quieter.
The airshow finale should be excellent but I’m guessing we will have to miss it as we pack up camp and prepare for the trek home.

We sure have enjoyed our week here and the people we met and visited with. Thank you again for stopping in, exploring the KODIAK, and talking with us. It’s been another great year for AirVenture.

See you next time,
Lynn Thomas
Sales Director
Quest Aircraft