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Quest Triplog: KODIAK and Crew Easily Spotted in Red

Tuesday, July 28, 2009…This was our second day at Oshkosh…and what an incredible day it turned out to be. Low humidity, high 70's and a cool breeze set the scene for thousands of airplane enthusiasts exploring AirVenture 2009.

As you can see the Quest crew are almost as easy to spot as our bright red KODIAK. The eye catching color really paid off and we had a great day talking to folks from all over the globe. As we shared the features and benefits of the airplane to those we met we were amazed at just how quickly people discover that the KODIAK fits right in with their operations and their lifestyle needs.

Our metallic purple KODIAK also seemed to draw quite a bit of attention throughout the day.

Here is another angle we snapped during a brief lull in traffic.

AirVenture is pretty hard to beat in terms of sheer variety of aircraft and it offers rare opportunities to be a part of aviation history…like yesterday’s arrival of WhiteKnightTwo and today’s North American premier of the Airbus A380. The A380 made several fly-bys over the grounds before landing and moving into static display.

This mammoth aircraft has 3 decks, sleeping suites, and seating for 525. With a length of 240 ft and a height of 79 ft (that’s a 6 story building) the A380 is the biggest jetliner in the world. It certainly dwarfs everything else in AeroShell Square. You really have to move back and take another look to get it all in.

The day finished off with Oshkosh's traditional airshow wowing the crowds with aerobatic maneuvers and the heritage flight of 3 generations of warbirds.

After a good night sleep we’ll be back out at the show tomorrow.

Hope to see you then,
Lynn Thomas
Sales Director
Quest Aircraft