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Alaska Triplog: Day 04

Monday,May 9, 2005: Anchorage, Alaska...Today marked the official start of Quest's meetings with customers. It was a great day for meeting people; I think you would refer to it as a “Chamber of Commerce Day.” It was really warm; I didn’t even bring a coat out today.
We were scheduled to meet with 3 different groups, but that ended up just being the start of the day. We are in a highly visible area and it's hard not to be interested when there is a constant crowd of people around the KODIAK. We seemed to have four or more people at it all day long. The FAA came out in full force to checkout the machine. From the flight side to the maintenance side KODIAK seemed to bring a smile to all of their faces. There are too many names to remember but I do want to thank Spencer for giving me some good Pat Carty stories.
It is great to see all the people come out. We had people fly in from Homer to see the KODIAK and others who drug their motorcycles out to come and see. One guy, who winters in San Diego, even said he came up early to make sure he could see the KODIAK at the show. WOW, thanks John!
When Lynn and I finally called it a day at 8:00 PM we agreed there were 2 problems from the days events. First, we were both hoarse from talking. Second, we were both hungry since we hadn’t taken a break all day. It was good to get back to the hotel tonight and kick back a bit before starting allover again in the morning. I did have one upsetting moment from today;I got back to the room without taking a single picture to share with you. But when I checked my e-mail my good friend Don DeVoe bailed me out by sending me the winner from our flight yesterday. I hope you enjoy! Thanks Don!
While I have been typing I had a surprise at my room; three guys from Washington had driven all the way up, seen the airplane, and chased me down at the hotel at 9:30 at night. This airplane has really got the crowd stirring.
To all of you that I couldn’t mention,Thanks for coming out! We hope to see you this weekend!

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