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Quest Aircraft Enhances Garmin G1000 for KODIAK

Upgrades Include New Standard and Optional Equipment

March 27, 2012, Lakeland, FL….Quest Aircraft Company has completed several enhancements to the Garmin G1000 Avionics Suite which includes new standard and optional equipment for all new KODIAKs. The avionics system enhancements were certified for the KODIAK in February 2012, and are now being installed on KODIAKs in production. The first KODIAK with these Garmin G1000 enhancements will be delivered in April.

“The enhancements and modifications are well-suited to the various missions of the KODIAK,” said Steve Zinda, Director Sales and Marketing. “We have been extremely happy with the G1000, as have our customers, and the addition of several new features and options makes a great product even better.” The KODIAK was the first turboprop installation of the G1000.

Quest’s Garmin enhancements include updated G1000 software, a remote TAWs Inhibit switch, and Air Conditioning Inhibit functionality, which automatically inhibits using the air conditioning system during certain engine and generator power conditions. Other enhancements include the removal of certain annunciations such as “bleed air on” as they are redundant to existing cues in the aircraft. This also lessens the clutter on the flight display and eases pilot workload.

“In addition to these new standard features, we are also offering the GTS 800 Traffic Awareness System and a Search and Rescue package that functions with the Synthetic Vision. Both these features are options which many of our customers have been extremely interested in,” added Zinda.

Quest has seen strong market acceptance in key market segments, including personal use, Part 135 operations, government, and humanitarian organizations. The company has also begun developing a special mission KODIAK, the Air Claw™, in conjunction with Northrop Grumman.

The versatile KODIAK’s rugged aluminum construction combines superior STOL performance and high useful load. It offers proven turbine reliability with the Pratt & Whitney PT6 turbine engine, has the ability to land and take off from unimproved surfaces and is capable of working off floats without structural upgrades. The KODIAK can take off in under 1,000 feet at full gross takeoff weight of 7,255 lbs and climb at over 1,300 feet per minute.

Quest Aircraft Company, LLC is the manufacturer of the KODIAK, a 10-place single engine turboprop utility airplane, designed for STOL use and float capability. Headquartered in Sandpoint, Idaho, the company was established in 2001 and began deliveries of the KODIAK in December 2007. For more information, please visit www.questaircraft.com.


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